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Red Bags Full of Joy

The holiday season – a time when joy should sparkle like freshly fallen snow, and excitement should bubble like a pot of hot cocoa! But, let’s face it, life isn’t always a sleigh ride, and many families find themselves struggling during this special time of year.  Families can find themselves treading through tough times, especially when the magic of the season is in full swing. However that’s where our incredible “Red Bags Full of Joy” initiative steps in, like Santa’s elves, we are on a mission.


The genesis of the NB4CC, The Red Bags Full of Joy has at it’s core a community of big- hearted folks, all coming together to create a sprinkle of magic for those who might need it most. We truly believe that even the smallest acts of kindness can create waves of joy that touch us all.  We’re all about crafting “Red Bags Full of Joy,” Santa-approved parcels of happiness that families in need can unwrap.


Imagine our Elves Workshop – think of it as the epicentre of cheer, nestled in Annbank Village Hall. It’s practically the North Pole’s cousin, buzzing with energy and fuelled by the determination to make this world a brighter place, one “Red Bag Full of Joy” at a time. We’re on an incredible journey, and our mission is as simple as a wish on a shooting star: to deliver as many of these delight-filled bags as humanly possible. Because when we come together, it’s not just about presents – it’s about wrapping hearts in the warmth of community and making holiday dreams come true.

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Can You Help Fill a Red Bag Full of Joy?

1. Choose a gift or gifts for a Red Bag. Focus on an age group and choose all the gifts to be suitable for that girl, boy, teenager or vulnerable adult. Please know that all gifts are accepted with so much gratitude.


2. Select gifts that will bring a sparkle to the eyes of those opening the bag on Christmas Eve and focus on the magic that the gifts contained within can bring. You can choose pyjamas, a cuddly toy, a toy such as lego or a doll, toiletries, a storybook, a colouring book and stationary, hot chocolate and sweets and hats, gloves and scarves. Our elves will sort all the bags before they are given out to families.


3. In a similar way you can focus on gifts for a teenager or vulnerable adult, which can be smelly sets of perfume and aftershave, hats, gloves and scarves, candles, a handbag, a football, board games or any item which will have that, “WOW” factor.

4. Please use one of the many 'Drop Off Points' (see the map below) - to donate your gifts and our elves will make sure to get it ntot he correct bag. Thank you.   

Drop Off Points


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