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About Us

In the heart of Annbank, a small village in Ayrshire, Scotland, with a big giving spirit, a young girl named Tygan, asked a genuine heartfelt question, which sparked a flicker of kindness that would soon illuminate the lives of countless children she had never met. With a ripple effect that has grown into a tsunami of generosity, the Night Before Christmas Campaign (NB4CC) continues to grow and its dedication for helping those in need remains unwavering.


From the Annual Red Bags of Joy Appeal to the year-round ‚Baby to Teen Shop’ and the South Ayrshire School Clothing Bank, this extraordinary charity embraces the spirit of giving 365 days a year. Their impact relies on the incredible donations they receive from their supporters, enabling them to make a difference in as many lives as possible.


It was November 2015 when a 12-year-old Tygan, innocently asked her mum, Jodie McFarlane - commonly known as the Head Elf, -  “Do all children receive a Night Before Christmas Box like I do?” Her mother, with a heavy heart, explained that not every child is as fortunate as she is, and many go without any gifts during the holiday season.


Moved by this revelation, Tygan couldn’t bear the thought of other children missing out on the magic she experienced each Christmas. Determined to make a difference, she implored her mum and gran, Isabella McFarlane, to help her bring the same joy to children in their local community. in that moment, the Night Before Christmas Campaign was born. With limited time and boundless enthusiasm, Tygan, Jodie, and Isabella collected and distributed ninety boxes, each filled with love, gifts, and the spirit of Christmas.


The overwhelming success of their efforts in 2015 fuelled Tygan, Jodie, and Isabella’s ambition to extend their reach beyond the borders of Annbank and Ayrshire. Joined by their friends and family they embarked on a mission to spread the Christmas spirit throughout South West Scotland. Their shared passion attracted the support of numerous individuals and organisations who believed in their cause, enabling them to surpass their targets and distribute an incredible 593 boxes of hope. That number has skyrocketed to over 6,000 bags full of joy in 2022, however, the need has also grown in that time and the team is determined to reach even more families in 2023.


However, their encounter with the harsh reality faced by the homeless during a cold November morning in Glasgow provided an eye-opening experience. Witnessing the plight of those sleeping rough on the streets, they knew they had to do more. Motivated by compassion, they began collecting backpacks for the homeless and took the profound decision to register as a charity, solidifying their commitment to their mission.


The story continues and you can be part of it.

Jodie McFarlane & Tygan John

Isabella McFarlane 

We believe that every child deserves to experience the magic of Christmas, and we work hard to make that a reality for as many children as possible.

NB4CC on STV NEWS 2022
NB4CC on Steph's Packed Lunch 2023

Help Us Bring Joy to Children's Lives!

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